April Sabral, Founder

“Are you searching for quality retail leadership training?”

“We got you covered. At retailu we save you time and money, and with no integration needed, accessing retailu courses is easy.  Unlike other retail training that only focuses on selling and operations, we build your manager’s core competencies like problem-solving, managing conflict, communication skills, building resilience, empathy, building high performing teams, wellness at work, and more.”

The Positive Effect

April Sabral

Retail is the heartbeat of a thriving economy and community; Without it, the gears come to a grinding halt. But when it is functioning at its highest capacity, the millions of people it employees learn skills that shape their future in amazing ways. In this book, April Sabral brings you a fresh perspective to the power and passion of retail. In it she shares her personal journey, lessons learned, and how to lead with a positive attitude against all the odds. This attitude and style of leading helped her in growing strong, dynamic, and effective retail teams.

Andrew Smith, Co-Founder and Author

ThinkUncommon and new book Retail Innovation Reframed

“We are all about driving fast, highly effective change in retail. We inspire innovation in retail teams through our training and engagement programs.  We embed innovation culture, practices, processes, and measurement in retailers with our ReFRAME process.  We guide innovation projects to success through our broad skilled team of experts.  We also work with retail partners, helping them implement innovation work with their clients.”

Running Great Stores

Rachel Williamson, Founder

"As a powerhouse strategic leader with over 25 years experience in retail, I know how to design, develop, and implement initiatives that drive unparalleled customer experiences and top-line sales. When approaching the “next” normal of brick and mortar, I have the expertise to guide you through it."

One Shop Retail

Nick McHenry, Co-Founder

“Your focus is on wowing your customers, so you shouldn’t need to stress about implementing new technology.”

The Accessories Council and AC Magazine

Leena Gurevich, Vice President of the Council and publisher AC
Karen Giberson , Editor in Chief AC

“The Accessories Council is committed to helping the accessories industry sustain steady and strategic growth by continuing to build relationships within the accessories community.”

Management One

Dane Cohen Business Development Manager
Nico Cabral Director of Marketing

As the #1 provider of merchandise intelligence for independent retailers, we harness our industry-leading data platform and proven retail consulting to put you in control of your inventory—and your business.

Proximity Insight

Cathy McCabe, Co-Founder and CEO
Rob Niedzwiecki, Senior Sales Manager North America

“Retail is Digital. Be Personal. Drive Loyalty. Sell More.

Progress Retail

Terry Hawkins, Founder
Ray Riley Co-CEO

“Renowned and personalized retail education, combined with retail operations tools that make retail easier, and assist in decreasing employee turnover up to 61% in one year.”


Ben Rodier, Co-Founder and Chief Client Officer

“Salesfloor is an award-winning platform that combines clienteling, virtual selling, and mobile point of sale tools. Store associates use Salesfloor to deliver personalized and convenient experiences for customers on any channel through live chat, video calls, e-mail, SMS, and more.”

New Store

Marcus LaRobardier, Director of Marketing
Phil Granof, Chief Marketing Officer

"NewStore is the essential omnichannel store solution for global brands striving to unify digital and physical. Our cloud platform combines POS, order management, clienteling and inventory, enabling retailers to run their stores on iPhones." Stephan Schambach, Founders and CEO of NewStore