PSFK & Retail Innovation Week

Piers Fawkes , Founder and President

PSFK IQ is a trends research platform for strategy and innovation teams that provides leading insights and strategies to the world’s most innovative brands, retailers and agencies

One Golden Nugget

Steven Foster, CEO
Maxwell Preece, Founder and Editor

A Nugget is your one piece of life advice. Often Nuggets are learned in the most challenging of experiences. This is your opportunity to pass it on, and potentially change someone else’s life.

The Retail Hive

Tom Scott, Head of Customer Success
Sally Green, Co-Founder
Noj Mather, Co-Founder

Retail Executive Networking and Resource Community: Empowering time-poor retail leaders to make faster and smarter business decisions, through relevant peer-to-peer discussion

Dos Marcos

Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley

Retail is experiencing a massive transition. Thousands of independent retailers have been bobbing in the ocean, clinging to planks of splintered wood and struggling to stay afloat.
In COME BACK TO BED, Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn offer strategies and principles that retailers can use to forge lasting customer relationships that will weather any storm.


Eduardo Placer , CEO and Fearless Founder

The world is ready for new voices and narratives to emerge. We’re committed to provide you with the tools to lead with courage.
We teach communicators how to bring their whole BODY, MIND, HEART and SPIRIT to a moment and channel their message in service of an audience.